Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lukey Learns To Drive

We have come to realize our little Lukester (18m) has quite a liking for anything with wheels. One might say even a borderline obsession. With that in mind, I would like to present to you what I saw this morning when I went to check on the kids in the back yard.

(The beginning is a bit choppy and I couldn't edit my fat mouth out of it, but it gets better :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Phrases heard recently at our house

  • The dinner table is not a playground, guys!
  • Don't you dare drink out of that planter like a doggy!
  • I mean business lady!
  • Mommy watch what I can do!
  • She's copying me!
  • Please don't drive the motorcycle on your brother's head.
  • Hey guys, let's tape your noses up with scotch tape like little piggies and take pictures!



S1050300-1 S1050302


S1050304 Of course, we didn't leave the tape on for very long, for fear that their noses would stay that way!!! (;P)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Angels left the hose running & the girls' stage debut

Today it has been really strange weather. The was a tornado about 20 miles from here. The sirens went off three times, but there was barely even a sprinkle. The sirens stopped sometime ago, but it is now raining in sheets. There is standing water everywhere, which I suppose isn't so bad since much of our grass is a not so lovely khaki color. Anyway, I was in the kitchen fixing the 7,643rd bottle I have made in my lifetime when Sophie came up to me and asked if the Angels were using the hose again. LOL! I said something to that effect last summer I think. Rain is when the angels forget to turn off the hose and the thunder is when they are trying to carry too many watermelons or other crops and drop some because their hands are so full. I know, that's the best I could come up with at the time. Gimme a break, I've been sleep deprived for the last 5 years straight!

I thought it was very cute how matter-of-factly she asked and quickly assumed it was true. It also reinforces the fact that our little ones are listening to our every words. Whether they are right or wrong, they listen and eventually they will repeat them.

The girls' stage debut

My good friend and I have been taking our kids to different shows that the county libraries put on during the summer. This week was called Wendy's Wiggle Jiggle and Jam. Can I get ah Whoop! Whoop!

The lady sings and plays guitar and has the little ones taking turns upstage being involved. Sophie and her friend got to go up first and shake their maracas. Audri ended up going last when everyone who hadn't gotten picked yet got to go up. The poor thing. She was a bit nervous to say the least. Everyone was just wagglin' their little fingers away, but not Audri. She was playing the violin on her face! Watch and see.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Elijah's second photo shoot

Ok, so I think my babies are cute, what can I say. I was trying my new camera out with Elijah sitting on a big piece of black fabric in his baby papasan chair. I think they turned out pretty well for me not knowing what the heck I am doing. I edited them with photobucket. I sent some to my mom through Walgreens 1 hour photo and the lady behind the counter made one shot into a christmas card just to show mom how nice it looked. Anywho....






Poppies, Hollyhocks and Worms Oh MY!

Here are some pictures I took in Indiana with my new camera and some with my old camera. I think they turned out pretty good.

P7010060 Hollyhocks

P7010064 Marigolds

P7010068 Poppies

P7040127-1 Purple things with spider

S1050129 Catoppa (sp?) worm and tree

S1050140 Campfire

P7060163-1 Cute baby with pretty blue eyes

Annual Indiana Vacation

SOOO, today I wanted to do anything besides clean the house, do laundry, you get the point. I waaass going to sew a pillowcase dress for the girl's, but someone (I won't name names) about 2 1/2 ft tall, bald, with big ol' spongebob teeth, broke my iron! So here I am finally updating my blog.

Our day had already been long after attending a surprise party for Paul's grandma's 88th birthday. That was lots of fun, but was a fairly long day in itself. After that, we went home, loaded our stuff up, and told Sophie that we would be leaving "soon" about 50 times during the two hours it took to get everything ready. Finally, around 7 P.M. we took off. It went fairly well actually. We stopped about 2 hours in for pee breaks and then stopped again in another two hours for a sanity break as Luke had tired of seat and was in no uncertain terms letting us know loud and clear. We let them run around for a bit and shake off their stink and headed out again. Luckily everyone fell asleep around midnight and pretty much slept through until we arrived around 5 something A.M. The last three hour leg of the trip I spent in the back with the baby dozing off about every fifteen minutes or so and would wake up to feeling the car jerk or that loud rumbling sound when you get to far off the road. "You ok, Paul?" I'd ask. "Go back to sleep because when I get there I am going straight to bed!!" he'd ever so politely with a smile on his face, reply. Ok I'm embellishing ;P

P6290029-1 P6290030-1


We arrived safely, and Paul did go immediately to bed. Luckily, my sweet and thoughtful mama took the day off so she could help watch the kids.

We spent the first couple of days just hanging out, bouncing back and forth between Mom and Dad's. The kids really enjoyed swimming in mom's pool.P7010035 P7010053-1

P7060148-1 Dailan especially enjoyed the pool. I think he pretty much lived in it when he was there. Hopefully, he got out to pee! Ick!

The other excitement at Mom's was the mini-bike. Boy oh boy, the mini-bike. I think Lukey realized a need for speed. You could hardly drag that boy off the thing, and he didn't not appreciate the fine art of taking turns either. He spent the other kids' turns chasing after them crying his little broken-hearted eyes out.

P7010044-1 P7010046-1

P7010047-1 (Notice Lukey crying in the background) Dailan was able to try riding it by himself for the first time this year.P7010048-2 I think this picture really just explains itself. ( No kids or trailers were hurt in the shooting of this picture, thank goodness!)

They also had a tandem bike that Rylenn and my step brother tried out as well as Paul and Sophie.

P7010061-1 P7010071-1

If you look closely in the first picture, Sophie is holding a screaming Lukey from chasing after the mini-bike. LOL

We spent most of the 4th of July at my Dad's. There are a couple of traditions we have there for the fourth since we are usually there then. The first one is "Let's give the kids markers and let them draw on Grandpa's belly!" Yes, you read that right. My dad went inside to find a "magic marker" and when he came out I promptly informed him he was holding a PERMENANT Sharpie! He said it would wash off in a couple days so who am I to argue. It's his belly!

S1050035 S1050036

This is Grandpa getting it started for them with a happy face, and my kids looking at in disbelief ("we are being ALLOWED to do this?")

S1050040-1 S1050044-1

Here they are drawing. I think Lukey sticking a dead firecracker in his belly button.

S1050049-1 S1050050

Here's the finished product. Grandpa, don't you smoking is bad for your health!

The other tradition is a pop can water cannon. It's great. Stick a firecracker in half of a soda can, sit it in a bowl of water, light 'er up and watch the can shoot into the air. Oh yes, hours of fun!
S1050027-1 S1050023-1

We were lucky enough to have Grandma Susan come and visit with us. We hadn't seen her in a couple years so it was really great to be able to see her again.S1050026-1

Jan, Grandma and kids

Dad and Jan were so thoughtful and were able to get me a reallly nice digital camera to replace the one that was lost. It had a fireworks setting on it so I was able to try it out right away that night. Look at these. I think they are awesome. Almost as awesome as Dad and Jan getting me that camera ;)

S1050074 S1050078

S1050081-1 It was a great night. Rylenn's dad and stepmom and there lil' guy along with some other family were there with us. The kids had a blast as it should be.

The day before leaving we spent out at my Mom's. That was a fairly eventful day as well. Mom and Mark decided to have the kids make stepping stones with their foot prints and the date to put in there gorgeous rock/tree garden area they made. They turned out pretty cute.

S1050093-1 P7040129-1

Then Grandma and Grandpa Ledford came. We only see them this one time a year so it's always something we really look forward to. It was really nice of them to drive to see us at mom's because it would have taken two vehicles to get everyone to them. Of course, Grandpa brought delicious already chilled watermelon.


After they left, Elijah barfed on my mom. My stepdad Mark tried to be helpful and hose the puke off of her. Somehow, I got the impression she didn't appreciate it.

S1050095-1 S1050098-1

At lunch, Luke was stuffing black olives in his mouth as Mom and I were talking. He went to give my mom one and soon after putting it in her mouth realized Lukey had already chewed it for her!!! LOL. GROSS!

P7010074-1 Apparently, by the look on Luke's face it was serious olive business!

Finally, our trip had to come to an end. We packed up our stuff that morning. I admit it, I was really grouchy. Was it Great Grandma Jen that thought every ailment/situation could be cured with an enema? Yikes. I chilled out eventually. We said our goodbyes with both my mom and dad and hit the road. I was a little leery about traveling with the four little ones during the day, but it went fairly well. We stopped about halfway to eat a picnic type lunch.


I was trying out my new camera on the way home and here are some shots from the car.

P7060158 P7060166 Audri was informing me that someone/thing stunk.

P7060171-1 Luke occupied himself for sometime by putting his hand in the slinky and practiced his drama skills by pretending he couldn't get it out. He's quite the Drama King.

S1050148 S1050149

About three hours or so left in the trip we stopped at a rest stop, peed, changed diapers, and let the kids run through the sprinklers. They also had some sort of look out trail so Paul carried Luke and I wrapped Elijah up in his wrappy deal and took a quick hike. The view wasn't as awesome as I had hoped and the mosquitoes were more than I had hoped, but it was nice to stretch our legs anyway.

P7060172-1 P7060174-1

We made it home safely and no worse for the wear. All in all it was a really good trip. No drama, no catastrophes, great weather, it was nice. Oh, and best of all, NOOO speeding tickets! I think this makes a two year ticket-free streak! Hooray Paul!

Here are some random vacation pictures for your viewing pleasure!

P7010070 P7010077-1

P7010084 P6290011-1

P7050134-1 P7050144-1

P7060153-1 S1050088-1

S1050101-1 S1050118

S1050114 S1050151

I forgot one last thing. Before we left, we lined up the kiddies behind there stones for a neat shot. Unfortunately we have so many children that the shot was really wide and couldn't get very close, but it still turned out pretty neat.P7060149-2

I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip as much as we enjoyed taking it!