Saturday, September 29, 2007

The pig on the bus goes oink oink oink

So Pauly calls me and tells me we are going to pick up a closet door after he gets off work. Woohoo, right? I am trying to worm my way out of it when he says that he will take us to these cool falls I've never seen. Ok, fine, I'll get the kiddos ready for the hour trip. "I don't want to go to no stupid falls!" -Dai "I'm hungry, when and what are we eating?"-Ry "I want Daddy, I want Daddy, when is Daddy going to be here?"-Sophie "Kinkle Kinkle little star, up a diamond in the skyyyy!"-Audri "ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh uhhhhh buhhhh"-Luke Yep, can't wait for the road trip. Right up until we walked out the door I was trying to decided if I should let the big kids stay home. "Naaaa," says paul.

We stop to get gas right away. Sophie asks if we are going home now and I said "yep, wasn't that fun?" Well, I thought it was funny. We stopped and got the messiest Taco Bell food we could for the trip. Who's bright idea was that?

Anyway, we made it to the falls. We only had about 15 min of daylight left. We walked around, we saw raccoons, he heard live music, and the kids had fun. That was only the first hour and a 1/2. We still need to get the closet door! Soooo, now that the kids are hopped up on kool-aid and rootbeer, we start the second half of our journey.

Offf Courrrrssse, Paul knows how to get there. Surrree, He brought a map. ARRRRGGGG!! A map from half a century ago! Yeesh! So yes, it was just as one would expect. Kids were fighting, Audri was crying beacuse she wanted milkies. Lukey wanted a bottle that we never stopped and got water for. We were going to get a bottle of water at the falls but it was $2 and I almost fell over from the shock! $2 my butt! So after Lord knows how long of all of this, oh, and I forgot the desperate "are weeee looossst?" that was also going on during all of this. Paul finally broke down and called the guy. We get there, the door was perfect la de da end of story. Oh wait, we still have an HOUR to get home!!!!

This is EXACTLY why we don't do a lot of road trips. We did the best we could, though. We pulled together as a family. Ry played with Audri, I tried to keep Lukey occupied, Sophie beat up Dailan, and we sang songs. Lots and lots of kids songs. We even made up a new version to the wheels on the bus song with animals. The pig on the bus goes "oink, oink, oink". The monkey on the bus goes "oo, oo, oo". We made it home. No worse for the wear. We spent the evening without TV, video games, Dora movies, and computers, and I have to admit, it was kinda fun.

Kinkle Kinkle Little Star

Audri just turned two last month and already she is a rock star!

Yes, I realize there is a 12 pack of toilet paper on a scaffolding in the background. Isn't that where everyone keeps there Quilted Northern??

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Is This Normal?

Does this ever happen to your kid?

Whenever I quiz my 8 year old son with ADHD on his spelling words, this bizarre things always happens. He starts morphing into these crazy shapes. It doesn't matter if he's on a chair, the couch, the floor. He inevitably ends up like this. Is this normal? (Sorry about the picture quality, he was in my closet!?!)



"Ok, do you want pizza AFTER your snot?"

"I don't need an audience for poop!"


"I already have to deal with BooBoo. Sophie, I don't need to have to deal with you, too!" -DJ 8

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

With 5 kids life is never dull. These are some classics. I would like to say this is a rarity, but then I would be lying. Yes, that hideous glob in my 4 yr old's hair and slicked all over my two year old's body is vaseline. No, they didn't have prior authrization. Below is BooBoo wondering what the big deal was. Doesn't everyone smear chocolate pudding in their hair?
Only a taste of things to come. LOL! No pun intended.

My first post

Ok. So after some prodding by my beloved SIL, I have decicded to write my first my first post?... Anyway, what an awesome way to keep the minutes down on the phone! I can't wait to share! Hi Dad!!!